Web Design

Responsive web design


Responsive web design has become a necessity for todays business leaders. By responsive we mean: as the display becomes smaller (as with tablets and smart phones), the website automatically adapts to the display area.  This contributes to an optimal user experience, avoiding manual resizing or scrolling across a wide variety of devices. Learn more about responsive web design.

Drupal web development


Our platform of choice is Drupal CMS.  Drupal is a highly configurable open-source software used on hundreds of thousands of websites.  Organizations such as: Popular Science, Economist, AOL Corporate, Harvard, MIT, Sony Music, Warner Brothers Records and Fast Company all use Drupal.  There's a good reason why...find out more.

Web Site Portfolio


Over the past 14 years our talented team of graphic designers and web develpers have built over 1,000 websites and designed well over 1,000 logos.  Here are just a few of the websites we have been privileged to build.


Logo Design

Only you know your market and the type of logo design you require for your business or brand.  A good logo is timeless and easily recognized with or without text.  A good example would be the Nike wave.  Let us help you design a logo that reflects the value of your brand and will appeal to your target market.

Web Graphics

Web Graphics

Web graphics is more than just pretty images and a great looking website.  In todays environment of "instant gratification", web surfers expect websites to download quickly on any device they may choose to use.  There is an art and a science to building great looking websites that handle such varying conditions.  The Power 3 team has built many such websites and we understand how to make attractive web graphics that perform well.  Find out how.


The web has reduced the amount of printed matter used by many businesses. However, there is still a need for printed goods and promotional material  such as: signage, banners, posters, stationary and other promotional materials must reflect the values of your brand. Let us help you send out your message and continue to build customer loyalty while growing your market share.

About Us


The team at Power 3 Web began as a small graphic and web design business in the year 2000.  Fourteen years and over 1,000 websites later we have the experience and skill set required to take your business to the next level on the web.  Find out more...

Giving Back

We have always believed in giving back to our community.  We provide Pro Bono work for a number of small charities in Cost Rica, a primary one being Fundamentes.  Fundamentes is an NGO providing mental health care to children in high risk social environments.  Find out how p3web is helping kids have a better life.

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