Our company was founded in the year 2000 primarily as a graphic design company. By 2002 we began to build websites and since then we have built over 1,000 websites for upwards of 400 different clients.  More importantly, we have also built a great team of talented people who love what they do and care about results.

Around 2007 we began doing Drupal web development using the Drupal open source platform. We have become a part of the Drupal community and will continue to support Drupal for the foreseeable future as the best open source solution for complex web designs.

In recent years we have been heavily involved in developing e-Commerce websites using Drupal Commerce. Our Senior Programmer/Architect received training at the Drupal Commerce facilities and we frequently use the DC module for e-Commerce and catalog style websites.

Our experience includes building websites and graphical products for use in many market segments and industries, including: real estate, medical, dental, travel, hospitality, legal services, dining, retail and a number of manufacturing sectors.

We have been privileged to build websites for a number of well recognized names, and some not so well recognized.  No matter what project we are building, each receives the same care and attention as would a website of our own.

As of 2013 we became a part of Superior Uniform Group located in Seminole Florida (NASDAQ: SGC) and changed our name to Power 3 Web.  While we operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Superior Uniform Group, our offices are located in Costa Rica. As a subsidiary, Power 3 Web enhances Superior's web development capabilities while ensuring power3web has the financial backing required to grow and adapt in the constantly changing web market.